Mining in Coal mine

Release Time:2019-04-24 Number Of Times Read: Times

A few days ago, the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, Xinchangxing, went to China Coal to investigate. Li Ming, deputy secretary of the Huaibei Municipal Committee, accompanied by the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Lishan District Party Committee.

Xinchangxing and his party went deep into the factory workshop and visited the villa model house with assembly construction. They stopped at the component yard and production line to carefully understand the production process and production process of the components. They inquired about the product advantages and technical advantages in detail. And the development trend, etc., listened to the general manager Ma Xiaoyan's report on the company's basic situation and production and operation status. General Manager Ma Xiaoyan introduced that with the support and help of four shareholders including Huaibei City, Lieshan District Government and China Coal Construction Group, China Coal has achieved production in less than one year and has successfully developed Huaibei. In the markets of northern Jiangsu, Zhangzhou and southern Shandong, China Coal will firmly implement the ecological priority and green development concept, accelerate the improvement of quality and efficiency, and transform China Coal to become the first-class production base of green building assembly enterprises in the northern part of the country. research base.

The letter secretary gave a high evaluation of the achievements of China Coal Max, and fully provided the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, short construction period, low cost, high quality, modern manufacturing technology and innovative construction methods. Recognition and affirmation. He pointed out that China Coal has to continuously increase the R&D and promotion of prefabricated buildings, adhere to innovation as the driving force, achieve its own high-quality development, and help transform and develop Huaibei City.

Chairman Li Changyu said that China Coal will seize the development opportunities, adhere to independent innovation, adhere to high-quality development, and be a responsible and respected enterprise, contributing to the transformation and development of Huaibei.